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"Kids steal things"


To the Editor and Mr. Hird:

Whether you know me or not, is neither here nor there. We agree to disagree about whose responsible for personal items brought to school from home. However, I do agree with you on the amount of time and nurturing other people devote to their children -- not enough for sure. But we can't change other parents' parenting skills, unfortunately! I believe some people shouldn't be able to procreate to be honest with you!

As unfortunate as that may be, kids really haven't changed in the 15 years since I went to Harwood, or my parents who also went to Harwood 34 years ago. Kids steal things. They could be a bad kid with excellent parents, a good kid with bad parents, a good kid with great parents, a kid that is considered an elite student, a kid on drugs or a kid who hasn't touched the stuff, a kid whose parents are poor, a kid whose parents who are very comfortable and can afford to buy their children anything they want, or even a kid who works a full-time or part-time job. Sometimes they just do it because they can -- because they want what they don't have.  Is it right? No, of course not.  

What can we do?  Kids in the school know that there is stealing going on! Every day I get an email from the school and on the bottom under LOST/FOUND -- five iPods are missing. Every week there is at least one or two. Our kids know that this is going on. I say again, don't bring them to school.

I'm only going to go as far as to say about your philosophy of my adult reasoning, which most of what you interpreted was way off base and downright ridiculous. You can bet your last dollar that I would know if my son came home with an iPod or had extra cash that I know he didn't have before. And you can bet your behind that my son would be marched back to that school to return it to its rightful owner. Furthermore, he would have ramifications back here at home, ramifications that a lot of parents need to take a class on how to discipline their kids. How to take responsibility for their actions. How to step up and pay the piper. Take their punishment, and parents hope they've learned something. I guess all we can do is hope our own child turns out to be a genuinely nice person who will look out for their own child, as you and I are doing.

So, Mr. Hird, it's been fun, but it hasn't been great fun....Thanks for the debate.
Johnni Damon



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