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Right and Left need to compromise


To The Editor:

I read Ms. Leotta's right-wing position on impeachment and, though I don't agree with her position on impeachment, I do agree on the need for the right and left political wings to come together to compromise.

But Mr. Eurich's letter is an attack, not a call for compromise. The right has come up with no positions of your own, only fallacious attacks on the left. Speaking of terrorism, Mr. Eurich says, "How does one combat something like that? Certainly not from a position of passiveness." We, on the left, have never considered passiveness as an alternative to the reckless lunacy of war on Iraq. Likewise many of Mr. Eurich's "armchair quarterbacks" are in Iraq as journalists and soldiers. Many here are in the streets protesting. As far as "Monday morning quarterbacking," we were against this war from before it started and we said it clearly. And finally, "...the ranting and raving..." None of this is language of compromise, and nowhere do you right-wingers come up with something to compromise with. 

 So, even though you attack us, I offer these ideas for compromise, understanding that I can't speak for the left wing as a group. 

1.) We on the left will not call for the impeachment, conviction, and imprisonment of the felons in the administration if you on the right will agree to a withdrawal of troops from Iraq starting immediately. The generals will decide on the strategy for withdrawal (almost 70 percent of Americans want this).

2.) We on the left will agree to a call for aggressive international action against terrorism if you on the right will call for a restoration of our civil rights, habeas corpus and the ban on torture. We can work out the details later.

I know this is just a beginning and a little fantasy at that. But if we on the left and you on the right can come a little closer in The Valley then maybe there is hope that the so-called centrist politicians in Washington can make something happen there.

Robin Lehman


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