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That's what cats do


 To the Editor:

Is this a joke -- the letter from Melissa Bailey of April 5, 2007? You are asking people to keep their cats in the house because spring is in the air and birds are returning. You say that cats are the biggest threat to birds and therefore we should not allow our cats out of doors. You speak of songbirds being a part of our ecological system.

Are cats not a part of our ecological system as well? Of course cats are a threat to birds. That's what cats do; they prey on birds. Actually though, rodents compose the main part of a cat's diet. Cats are nocturnal animals and prefer to sleep during the day when the birds are out. And speaking of preying, all animals of prey will cull out the weakest of the group, which seems to be nature's way of ensuring survival of the fittest. To keep a cat indoors is an unnatural upset of our ecological system, not to mention that it is cruel.

What gives you the right to intervene in the scheme of nature? Have you ever seen how gloriously happy a cat is to be outside rolling in the sunshine after being locked up in a house all winter?

One other thing, of the research that I've done on cats, no where do I find that a cat's average lifespan when living outdoors to be five years. The Purina Company, for one, says that most cats live to 11 to 12 while outdoor cats live an average of 8 years. If I were a cat I'd take my chances outdoors rather than being kept artificially alive in a house ruled by people.

In fact we have an outdoor cat who is currently 19 years old. We also feed the birds and rodents throughout the cold winter months. All animals have a right to Mother Nature. What more can I say?

Corey Kremer



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