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Twisted by prejudice


To The Editor:

The Vermont Commission on Family Recognition and Protection is meeting for the first time this August, and I would like to congratulate the people for their courage! It takes courage to stand up and look the status quo in the eye!

Yet, if I take a moment to look into the eyes of another I notice another human being, an equal, and a friend.  My friends in alphabetical order, bisexual, gay, lesbian, straight, transgender are all citizens who wish to love the person of their choosing. I am amazed by how wonderful, creative, rich and different we each are, and it stuns me that something so simple as love, a link we all share, would become so entrenched in legal notions, and so twisted by prejudice that one group of people would fit under no law, or under one law (civil union), and another group of people would fit under yet another law (marriage).  

When did the law lose track of the neutrality of a contract?  

When did love lose favor in the eyes of God(s)?

Should I not be allowed to enter into the contracts of my choosing? Should my family and I not be allowed to create our own contracts so that we might protect ourselves as we saw fit? After all we each have the power to choose one another, why then do we not have the power to choose freely the contracts that define the terms of our love?  

Did you receive the contract up front when you married?  

I think it is about time the laws were reexamined!  

And for the record: I wholeheartedly support equal rights and the freedom to marry!

Caroline Tavelli-Abar

Rochester, VT


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