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Apologize for hurt feelings


 To The Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Taylor's letter in The Valley Reporter issue of August 23, 2007.

Mr. Taylor, you are absolutely correct in saying that I picked on Boston...this is why.

I love Boston, having worked there for many years. Because of that, I could envision a lovely white-walled apartment say at Lewis Wharf (which I helped develop with architect extraodinaire Carl Koch) and on which
would hang these lovely pieces of folk art...the moose signs.

I did not intend to suggest that persons from the great state of Massachusetts were thieves.

Now I have perhaps committed another gaff...inasmuch as I ignore NY, NJ, wherever in the country that has lovely apartments and homes by saying I envision's only because I know the town.

As to putting up a signpost along the road (Route 100) the highway department doesn't think that's such a good idea.  It was tried once and they (the highway department) removed it....alas.

The sign in question was carefully screwed into the tree which shouldn't have hurt the tree, but tearing the sign off did.  

So, I apologize for any hurt feelings and for NOT being politically, geographically, whatever correct. This is the first time I've been called a "bigot" so guess I'd better watch my mouth in the future.

And, by the way, I am not angry; I am, as I said, "dismayed." And yet another "and" -- I , too, am a flatlander even though I've lived here for many it's said hereabouts, "Just because a cat has kittens in the oven don't mean they're biscuits."

Love and kisses.

Barbara Stratton-Appleton

writing to you from beautiful downtown Granville

(Don't blink or you'll miss us.)


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