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"Make no mistake about this war"


To The Editor:

The Valley Reporter editorial writer has done it again.
The subject had to do with our government's ill treatment of the Islamo-facists thugs that were captured during our military efforts in the Middle East.

The domestic liberal mentality would have you believe that we are using inhuman methods to extract military intelligence from these fanatics. The liberals would howl loudly if even one of these murderers found a hair in their Fois-Gras fed them at Gitmo.
They also complain that we are not in compliance with the treatment of prisoners of war as defined by the Geneva Convention. The convention concerns recognized nations and uniformed soldiers. The fascists that the free world is fighting dress as civilians, are not identified with a recognized nation, have never signed the convention, fire from children groups and hospitals, push bound prisoners from rooftops, slowly slice the heads from hostages and blow themselves up in crowded places. In other words they have no status regarding the Geneva Convention and are not entitled to the luxury of its protection.
Still we hear the same arguments prattled by the editorial writers here and in some media that we have caused the problem by not treating them properly and even call these thugs "insurgents" instead of the children killers they are.
Make no mistake about this war, their intent is to convert the Western world to Islam and institute "Sharia" law for their converts to live by. This law includes the death by stoning for many different infractions including sexual errors. This particular heinous death consists of burying the victim up to the shoulders and pelting them with stones, not large ones but just the correct size to inflict much pain and eventual death.
The political left should stop devoting all their legislative efforts to degrading the president and get with the program of defending our country against the most dangerous foe the world has ever seen and editorial writers should aid in this effort.
Olin Potter


Editor's Note: We remain convinced that water boarding IS torture and IS an inhuman and ineffective method of trying to extract information. While the fighters held at Guantanamo Bay may not be recognized members of a national army, and do not fight conventionally, there is no reason at all for this great nation to stoop to their level and adopt interrogation techniques that are no better than the terrorism they are aimed at stopping.


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