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Makes sense


To The Editor:

To all opposed to the Moretown quarry, consider this: Right now the Moretown road crew has to travel at least a two-hour round trip to get gravel for Moretown's roads. In these times of high fuel prices, that's going to cost Moretown a lot of money not to mention truck and tire wear. More money spent, and more "carbon footprint."

Another thing to consider is how many people in the area have gravel driveways or are planning to build new driveways or roads. How much more will it cost you if the trucks bringing your material to you have to travel two hours versus an hour or less?

Sure there might be some noise from the quarry. Doesn't your television make noise when you turn it on? That question may seem a little silly, but is it really considering all the politicians and people talking in circles and getting nothing done. I'd much rather listen to hard work accomplishing something than political extravaganza.

As far as environmental issues go, there are ways to contain sediments which are feared to enter streams and rivers from the operation. What about all that road salt that pollutes rivers, deteriorates roads and cars? Why is there no environmental issue with road salt? Is it because of convenience for everybody and the quarry would be inconvenient for a few?

With some simple common sense, Moretown and surrounding communities could benefit from the quarry and at the same time reduce some "carbon footprint."

People, put yourself in the landowner's shoes: How would you feel if you owned a piece of land with a resource on it that you could make a living with and benefit surrounding communities (buy locally) but you can't because somebody's got too much time on their hands with nothing better to do than make your life miserable and others?

In Vermont, it's time for the hypocrisy and cutting ourselves off at the knees to end. It's time for common sense to be revived!

Eric Ladensack



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