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‘Speed limit is 30 mph’

To The Editor:

The other day our beloved cat was killed by a speeding car through the village of Moretown. Two days later our neighbor's cat was seriously injured and rushed to the animal hospital.

The speed limit through the village is 30 mph. The other day my husband witnessed a car pass another car right in front of our house! Speeding traffic is an issue the villagers have been battling for years.

Back in 1840, when our houses were new, the road was a buggy path and probably not a big concern. Now most of the homes on Main Street sit about 20 feet off the road with cars passing at 50-plus mph. Speeding not only puts our children at risk, it kills our animals and creates excessive dust and noise.

I made some signs reminding people to slow down and put them out at around 3:30 p.m. on Friday, June 29, and by 10:30 p.m. three had been stolen. I thwarted the efforts on the fourth sign by yelling at the thieves. I will make more signs and continue the fight because it is a matter of quality of life. One sign was taken right off our lawn. It was very disturbing when we heard a car door slam and tires speeding away at 10:30 p.m.

Please see the attached picture of what the signs look like and feel free to call us at 496-4575 or my cell number is 233-8712.

Thank you.


Rebecca Sykes and Gary Butler






# In total agreementEmily 2012-07-12 15:40
I totally agree that people speed way too fast through Moretown.It is way too small of a town for speeding, the road is very curvy, there are almost always people walking or riding bikes and it is a nice quiet Vermont town and should remain so. Speed limits are set for a reason and should be followed. I also wanted to say that I am truly sorry for the loss of your cat and the injury of your neighbor's cat as well. I am and always have been an animal lover and have had quite a few cats in my lifetime. I do however want to say that all of the cats I have ever had the pleasure of being part of my family have died from natural causes or old age and not because they spent time outside. I believe that allowing your cats outside to wander where they will is a death sentence especially when you live on or near a busy road. I know from experience that cats do usually want to go outside but I don't think it is the healthiest or safest way for them to live. They live perfectly well and probably live healthier and usually happier (because they don't get sick as much or get run over by cars or eaten by predators) lives than outdoor cats. I would not allow my children or my dog to run around outside unattended and nor do I my cats. Any decent veterinarian will tell you that the best place for a cat is indoors. A friend of mine was heartbroken after losing 4 cats in 3 years and I finally told her that she should either not have cats or leave them indoors since she lives on a main road and her backyard is thick woods and mountains (2 out of 4 were killed by vehicles and the other 2 by wild animals). She finally listened and has 2 very happy, healthy house cats. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but this is my belief, cats belong indoors.

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