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‘Convenient memory’

Mr. Hilferty and his tea party friends have such a convenient memory: Just forget what the previous Republican eight years did to us and blame everything that resulted from those disastrous years on the man who has inherited the mess they left and whom they have all vowed to defeat, not understanding that it takes years to turn a bad economy around as it takes several nautical miles to turn a large ship around.


Our president inherited a huge deficit caused by George W. Bush, who managed to erase the surplus created by Bill Clinton out of a previous deficit inherited from the previous Republican administration. This deficit was aggravated by a totally irresponsible war in Iraq, which interrupted a necessary war in Afghanistan and allowed the Taliban and Al Qaeda to regroup.


This caused us to renew our efforts there at huge costs, financial and loss of life of our valiant troops and the Afghan people. Never mind that the president saved the automobile industry, which their hero Mitt Romney vowed he would have let die. And Mitt is the man who says he "knows" how to add jobs!


To cap it all, Romney is now telling us that he wants to protect the middle class, keep the taxes on his exceedingly rich buddies and that he is committed to save the country from what is a far better state of affairs than what the Republicans left us with in 2008 by returning to the failures of the Bush years.


What a shift from the hard line he kept hammering at when he was trying to win over the evangelical fanatics and the tea party loyalists who didn't really trust him.


Tell the gullible public what they need to hear and once you are in, destroy the environment, kill the programs that allow the poor, needy, elderly and weak to barely survive so you and your ilk can enrich yourselves further, as if you didn't already have enough!


The hypocrisy of the right hardliners is unfathomable.


Henri de Marne

Essex (formerly of Warren)



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