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If the taxpayers in Moretown have “sticker shock” on the proposed lower price of their new town hall, then Waitsfield’s taxpayers must be completely dumbfounded by the prices of theirs!

Ah, poor Moretown didn’t even reach the $1 million level? The problem Moretown has is it’s either not trying hard enough or they just do not have enough dedicated task force citizens (which in my day they were called “busybodies”) to rush them into choices no one wants. As the Romans used to say, Cui bono? And remember the first rule of bad politics is never to let a good crisis go to waste.

Why in dreadful economic times are there all these big increases in spending and school taxes being sought, even as student enrollment keeps decreasing? I sympathize with our school boards, they do a great job, but their hands are tied by what items they’re allowed to cut out of their own budgets. And what about those big pay increases of 3.5 to 5 percent for the non-teaching element at the top of the food chain? Oh boy, this year we get to vote on more than one school budget. I can’t seem to remember any school budgets ever getting voted down, how about you?

Plus we get to elect a select board member. Isn’t it strange how people keeping voting in the same people expecting to get a different result each time?


I believe they ought to hold elections on the day you have to pay your taxes.


Charlie Kettles




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