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Example of government's failure to solve problems


By Julia Hayer

On Thursday, January 17, President Bush outlined a proposed peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, two countries with decades of ongoing cultural, political and geographical conflict.

Mr. Bush assured skeptical leaders that he had confidence in his ability to sign a treaty during his last year in office. However, without specific details on the core issues Bush addressed, one must wonder how effective this proposed treaty will actually be. With a reputation to talk in broad topics, instill some hope, but then actually never follow through with a proposal, the United States should not be surprised with the world's reaction on this issue. Bush did not suggest where new borders would actually be drawn. He did not mention the number of Israeli settlements that will have to uproot in the final deal. Nor did Bush speak about how the millions of Palestinians that lost land long ago would be compensated for it. Where is the money to do this? Should there be any real hope in this so-called proposal? Broad treaties have been proposed for years, yet ultimately all of them have failed. Do we believe that the people of Palestine and Israel can really afford another false hope? Can we watch and allow them to continue their struggle?

This is yet another example of our government's failure to effectively solve problems. As a world we cannot afford poor leadership any longer. Yes, this specific example pertains to the faults of Mr. Bush; unfortunately, he is not the only one. The leaders of the world can no longer afford to focus on economic posterity. There are too many moral conflicts going on that demand our attention. It is our duty to reach out to those suffering. It is not acceptable to willingly go on with our lives, knowing the conflicts surrounding us. Kenya, Palestine-Israel, Darfur, can no longer go on. The world is demanding effective moral leadership and it is our duty to genuinely provide it.

Hayer attends Harwood Union and is a member of the Class of 2009.

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