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Horses have the right of way – it’s the law

This is for the incredibly inconsiderate male driver of a large white pickup truck who so dangerously and rudely passed three women on their horses on North Fayston Road last Sunday. Just so you know, you could have seriously injured any one of the horses and riders with your reckless and excessive speed though I hardly think you care considering your actions.


We had one rider ahead, one trying to remount her horse and the third, that would be me, hanging back to make sure she mounted with no issues. And you were speeding up the hill as fast as you possibly could with no regard for any of us. I asked you to slow down by motioning to you with my hands in a downward motion which you completely ignored actually speeding up. When I yelled at you to slow down because you were scaring the horses and my horse was moving toward the center of the road, you revved up your engine and peeled out giving us the finger.

A week later, riding down Center Fayston, a man on a tractor was coming toward us and he nicely slowed down; however, a blue Chevy truck with a young man driving passed the tractor. Again, I asked him to slow down; he ignored me and sped by us!

Prior to that an Audi convertible went by us at a fast speed; he seemed to live in the area but gave us little regard. There were some considerate drivers that slowed after seeing us riding on the road. To those I say thank you!

I don’t understand those who speed by horses. What don’t you get about slowing down – they are animals! How many of you would speed by a person with a baby carriage, young children, a dog? I don’t think so.

These are dirt roads with severe drop-offs on either side for drainage. If one gets pushed over the edge it could be quite serious, especially for a horse.

Basically, I feel so over the edge with the rudeness of most of the drivers going by us; I will be taking license numbers and turning them over to the police from now on. I have had it.

Please slow down!

Linda Gardener lives in Waitsfield.


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