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‘Disturbing information’

I do not consider myself a “newshound,” but I did hear a disturbing piece of info the other day.

It seems a legislator in California has achieved a dubious victory!? Apparently, we are supposed to celebrate the fact that women can now engage in military combat, just like their male peers. This is progress?

I ask you, what kind of victory is this? Have we learned nothing after centuries of warfare about how harmful it is for humanity to engage in armed conflict? Now, we have “evolved” into making it possible for mothers to slaughter the children of other mothers!

I implore all of us to stop and consider the insanity of this latest turn in the equality of women. I am all for every bit of progress women have made over the years. I currently have two competent and effective women for my bosses in two separate careers and I admire them both greatly. Neither of them is my bride, but she does a pretty good job of managing me too!

Incidentally, my wife of 30-plus years is and was a devoted mother to our sons. Ask any mother if she would send her son, or daughter, off to war and you almost always get a resounding no. What parent sends their children off to war?

Why do we not have a Department of Reconciliation or of Peace? I know evil does exist in the world, but there are various ways to address it and one is seeking out peaceful means of agreement amongst all cultures.

The times they are a-changing and not every conflict will be won with the old-school methods of invasion and “might makes right.” Oh yea, just put it on our credit card and let Communist China reap in the interest. Our grandkids can afford it. It is a big world out there with widely varied cultures and conflicts. Wake up down there in D.C.

My point? As we evolve as a race of humans on this planet, let us never lose sight of the fact that we can all adjust and change. In the words of John Lennon, and other thoughtful people, let us all imagine a world with far less warfare and far more forgiveness. “Perhaps someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”

Lynch lives in Moretown.




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