The Waitsfield Elementary School budget for FY2013 totals $2,169,090, a 0.9 percent increase from FY 2012, which includes giving back 50 percent of the fund balance to the town.

WES school board members approved the budget at the December 20 meeting.

This year’s budget includes full-time kindergarten that accounts for a 1.4 percent increase in salary and benefits as the position moves from 60 percent to full time.

The early childhood education committee previously recommended full-time kindergarten for a variety of reasons including capacity to provide a variety and depth of learning experiences in the school day, continuity of experiences and instruction for children, and early intervention opportunities.

At the December meeting, WES Principal Kaiya Korb reviewed budget options with respect to kindergarten and fund balance management. WES carried a $71,000 fund balance from 2010-2011; she noted that the equalized pupils number is down, resulting in less revenue to the school and also impacting taxes.

Waitsfield School Board members also approved a 7.4 percent increase in regular education professional salaries, a 0.6 percent increase in contracted services for special education, a 0.2 percent decrease in transportation for special education and a 0.7 percent increase for benefits and health care.

Administrative professional salaries increased 2 percent for a total of $83,859.

Under building maintenance, WES board members approved a 9.3 percent increase in salaries totaling $47,313. Health services saw an 8.4 percent decrease in professional salaries.

WES total expenditures for FY2013 equals $2,133,808. The total budget that includes the 50 percent fund balance forward to the maintenance reserve totals $2,169,090.

To view a detailed summary of this year’s WES budget, visit


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