UPDATED: 2012-01-26 15:49:42

The Harwood Union School Board finalized its proposed budget for the coming year, bringing in a budget of $12,092,615, which is up 0.7 percent.

The budget includes staffing reductions as well as reductions in the school’s transportation fund and its maintenance reserve fund. One full-time English position has been cut from the budget, a special education position was cut by .2 FTE (full time equivalent) at the request of that employee and a special education assistance position (currently unfilled) was cut by .5 FTE.

The board trimmed $30,000 from the school’s transportation fund and $4,300 from its maintenance reserve fund. The budget reduces the subsidy for the food service from $20,000 to $10,000. The board did not cut .33 FTE from a business education position.

The original budget presented by the finance committee to the full school board last week on January 18 was $12,066,363. After discussions with those present (to include board members, administration, general public and staff), Harwood Union board member Mary Gow, Warren, moved to reinstate the .33 FTE middle school business position and add $26,252 to the budget bringing the new total to $12,092,615.

This motion passed with seven board members in favor and board chair Scott Mackey opposed. Mackey moved to approve the new budget amount of $12,092,615. That motion passed with all in favor.

The current budget for Harwood Union is $12,005,767 and the first version of the budget for the coming year came in at $12,271,694.

In the final budget, regular education costs are up from $5,064,909 to $5,085,785. Guidance programs are up from $338,326 to $347,915. The school’s media center budget is down from $146,723 to $118,900. The school’s Washington West Supervisory Union assessment is up from $234,328 to $261,561 and administration costs are up from $549,624 to $567,120. Special education costs will rise from $2,354,623 to $2,398,282. The English as a second language program has been cut from $25,921 to $2,050.

The total budget of $12,092,615 represents middle school costs of $2,490,213 and high school costs of $9,602,402.


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