The members of the Sugarbush Racing Club were not to be denied their inalienable right to party, however, and the party, which was held at Chez Henri, was very well attended.  

Peter Wicklund used hid technological talents to seamlessly splice the two halves of last week's video into one continuous segment. Thus racers could review their performance the previous race. Wicklund had also uploaded the result into several DVDs of the race which were given to the lucky winners of the weekly raffle. Many members who did not win the raffle purchased the DVDs anyway. Future races will be available on disk as well.

Given the latest forecast, the regularly scheduled race will be held on January 17 and future races will be held every Thursday thereafter except for February 21. Races start at noon and last until 2 p.m. All members of the SRC are encouraged to race.

Anyone interested in joining the Sugarbush Club can visit the website at .


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