Do non-gun owners have any rights?

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To The Editor:

Last Friday, around 11:30 p.m., I had just gotten into bed when I heard two gunshots fired close by my house. I could not get to sleep thinking the worst that could have resulted from those shots. My fear was founded by the fact that a year and a half ago, I was sitting outside and heard a single gunshot that left me concerned. Granted gunshots are fairly common in my neighborhood, but this one was different.

I later learned that gunshot had tragically taken the life of a neighbor. Several years ago in late fall, I came home from work and was walking to my house when I heard several gunshots very close to my house. It was almost dark and I yelled to the person shooting that they were too close to houses to be shooting. The reply I got was, “I can see where I am shooting; mind your own business.” He continued shooting. Well this concerned me because there are houses in three directions, and I walk down that road every night with my dogs. Again, my fear was founded by the fact that my college English professor was shot dead in his living room by someone target shooting in a residential neighborhood.

I have nothing against responsible firearm use for hunting and sport. But this reckless use of guns leaves me feeling that I have no rights as a non-gun owner. I am glad to see that our Legislature is moving in the right direction.

Mark Calabrese

Alpine Village, Warren

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