‘The only constant’

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To The Editor:

Change is the only constant in life. It can be risky and unsettling. It can cause a whole lot of tension and, in the worst cases, total breakdowns in communication. With school redesign we are faced with very significant changes. When community controversies arise our immediate response is usually colored by where we sit. But, as with all things, it is better to sit with the issues rather than assuming an unalterable position. Community members have been invited into the conversation to offer suggestions, listen to one another and recognize that our board members are putting forth their best efforts to deal with this difficult task at hand. We can get involved or simply stay open to becoming better informed, but digging in our heels too deeply too quickly is probably not going to help us get to resolution. Let’s all do our part to uphold the fragile bonds that hold our larger community together and give the process time to work.

Connie Colman


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