Redesign the redesign

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To the Editor:

Did you read the article last week in The Valley Reporter by Walker Caffry Randall, a Harwood senior, titled "Help students discover passions earlier"? If not, please go back and read it. What a great article! And I'm sure that if a sincere effort were made to get the input of all the students in the district they would come up with more great ideas. And get input from all the current teachers and school administrators. As well as good ideas from the newly formed HUUSD Community Engagement Committee. This is the direction that "redesign" being contemplated by the HUUSD Board should be going.

Not the direction that the ridiculous policy on the website (February 14, 2018) under Redesign is going. It says three options, but it is really one option that just shuffles around which two of the four Valley schools it will close and reconfigures other schools in ways that contradict current studies on student achievement. This policy should be archived on the website and replaced with an "Under Construction" notice. Any efforts at redesign at this time should be focused on increasing student programs and opportunities – not on closing schools and busing students.

Brian Fleisher