‘Good times’

To The Editor:

I read the piece on the Verd Mont Mobile Home Park. I'm not sure, but that might be the same property where I lived in the fall of 1965. It was owned by Edgar and Sally Tremblay, and I was their first tenant. I lived in a 50-by-10 pink trailer, which I bought used for $2,500. My rent was $25 a month, which included water and sewage. I heated the trailer with a kerosene-fueled stove. It was my first year as a teacher at Waitsfield Elementary School, and my salary (annual) was $4,400. I was so broke that I had to find a second job. I ended up tending bar at the Gateway Motel, which was at the junction of Routes 17 and 100. It was owned by the late Howard Munn, who was a local entrepreneur. Good times.

Best regards.

Mike Baz

Tequesta, FL

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