‘Speed bumps are for parking lots’

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To The Editor:

I have tried for several years to have Tremblay Road upgraded to a Class 2 and save the town a few thousand dollars by gaining state aid. One little simple thing – striping. If you notice it doesn’t get painted when North Road and East Warren Road is done by the state, but there has been no action. Along comes a wild spend-money project and it is taken up right away. I don’t fully understand the modern town government.

I would like to express my thoughts and reasons why I think a speed bump on Joslin Hill Road is so far out that it shouldn’t even be discussed.

It is on a Class 2 town interconnect highway. What does the state say about this?

Consider the hazards and vehicle damage it would create. School buses crashing over it six to eight times a day. Town road equipment, trailers with low-tongue jacks, heavy trucks with trailers, which there are many.

Emergency vehicles – do you want to slow the ambulance and fire trucks down?

I don’t care to crash over one every time I go into town.

Vehicles speed on North Road, Tremblay Road, Old County Road and East Warren Road. Do they all get speed bumps?

Speed bumps are for parking lots and 20 mph streets, not highways. I have never seen or heard of one on a highway. Speed bumps are only effective for 50 to 75 yards. Speeders charge up to them, slam on the brakes, go over the bump, and stomp the gas.