To The Editor:

I’m more than a tad embarrassed by the extravagantly headlined attention given me in the August 2 Valley Reporter. My three Wi-Fi-savvy “youngsters” whipped up a surprise birthday package for me, complete with a powwow in Mike’s Pub at Mad River Glen; I’m particularly grateful to them for the will to do all this and to the dear friends in The Valley (and from afar) who animated the festivities.

There are hale nonagenarians in The Valley who possibly had an experience like this: I was about 10 and sitting on the end of my dad's work bench in our cellar. He was working at the vise when he looked up, caught my eye and said, “Artie: Don't ever smoke. I know it’s killing me and now there’s nothing I can do about it.” My mother and I lost him not long after. I pass this on, hoping it helps others.

Art Trezise


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