Thanks to voters

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To The Editor:

Thank you to all the people who called me to help out at the polls on Tuesday, to the voters and to everyone who was there when the polls closed to tally the ballots. It’s a tough time of year with summer vacation plans, but Waitsfield voters showed up! My apologies to Mr. Richard who was asked to remove what I considered to be a campaign ad (MAGA hat). Instead he left the polls, and when he did, I called the secretary of state's office and learned of a June Supreme Court ruling that allowed such items to be worn at elections as long as the person mentioned in the campaign is not on the ballot at that particular election. Similarly, I asked someone wearing a Bernie shirt to please go into the restroom and turn it inside-out, which he did, because Bernie was on yesterday's ballot. It was not my intention to prevent anyone from voting.

See you in November!

Jennifer Peterson

Waitsfield town clerk