‘Keep Dana Hill a road’

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To The Editor:

We just had another incident that underscores the need to keep Dana Hill Road vehicle-accessible and a town road.

Yesterday two bicyclists walked into our yard asking for assistance. One was holding his arm over his head. It was wrapped and covered in blood. They explained that he had fallen up above our house in the state forest and gashed his arm open.

The other man had had some medical training and had applied a tourniquet and stopped the hemorrhaging. I offered to call the ambulance, but they insisted that it would be quicker to get back to their car which was at the bottom of the hill at American Flatbread so they could drive to an emergency room. Once a tourniquet is applied, time is of the essence to save the appendage.

I thus drove them from our house down to American Flatbread saving them the trek on the trail below our house.

We need Dana Hill Road to be a road!

Peter Laskowski