Explain land purchases

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To The Editor:

David Zuckerman should explain his land purchase before the elections in November. According to the property transfer tax returns in Hinesburg, on June 17, 2008, you bought a 150-acre-plus farm from Esnid LLC for $379,000. The same day the Vermont Land Trust purchased the development rights from you for $500,000 (taxpayer donors). Did you pocket $121,000 on this transaction? Also why did Esnid LLC sell it to you for $379,000 when less than a year before they paid $1.3 million? Why would they sell it to you for nearly $1 million less? Where did or does Esnid LLC get their funding (taxpayers)? Esnid is backward for Dinse (high-priced law firm on Battery Street in Burlington). Things don’t smell too right; maybe you can clear this up.

Charley Burbank Jr.
Waitsfield and Marshfield