Totally unacceptable

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September 28, 2006

To The Editor:

The Mad River Valley and the Vermont economy are based on exceptional quality of life experiences. From the reputation of our food supply (Vermont symbol of quality) to the quality of all our artists and educational facilities, Vermont's economy sells excellence. Recreation is a major part of providing quality of life; that is why the Mad River Valley ski resorts are now spending millions to improve their facilities.

It is totally unacceptable to be spending millions of dollars on approximately five miles of the only paved state road in the Mad River Valley and not end up with a wide enough road that would be safe for cars, busses, 18 wheelers and bicycles.

Recreation is the number one way we attract visitors and new residents to this Valley that provides income for our businesses and their employees. I cannot understand how our business and political leaders are allowing a major construction project that we will have to live with for at least the next 25 years to be built that does not in this day and age provide bicycle lanes. Then we could advertise and attract visitors not only for our exceptional skiing, golf and hiking facilities but also for being bike-friendly.

It seems to me that private business is not skimping and building projects that are only a compromise. They are spending to make sure they can offer only the best experience and thus grow the reputation of the Mad River Valley's quality of life.

Even though hours and hours of meetings go on in order to protect and improve The Valley and its economy, somehow this project is slipping through. We must explain to the AOT we do not compromise on the one and only state road we have.

Michael Sharkey