Leahy didn’t report all the details

  • Published in MyView

By Doug Reed

If our senator, Patrick Leahy, sought to enlighten us, he would have reported the following: The week of January 15, Devin Nunes (Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee) released a four-page memo documenting the Obama administration's weaponizing of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The documentation for this memo came (in part) from a recent court decision which forced TD Bank to release bank records of Fusion GPS, the political hitmen hired by the FBI and Hillary Clinton's DNC to create the rank fiction now known as the "Trump Dossier." President Trump will no doubt make this publicly available ... and it should describe something pretty close to the following:

President Obama neutered the FBI's inspector general (Horowitz) by having his DOJ No. 2, Sally Yates, write a 54-page exemption for the DOJ's National Security Division. Previously, Glenn Simpson and his wife, Mary Jacoby, wrote stories for the Wall Street Journal about the shady dealings of Paul Manafort. When Donald Trump turned to the politically connected Manafort to fend off Ted Cruz's attempt to steal his primary delegates, Mary Jacoby went to the White House ... to meet with persons unknown.

Simpson (who was possibly a previous "contractor" for the Counter Intelligence Division of the FBI) then hired Russian expert Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr (National Security Division). She was hired to create an "insurance policy" to take down candidate ... or President Trump. Her dossier included an unbelievable tale of Russian prostitutes peeing on Michelle Obama's bed and Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, meeting with nefarious Russian agents in Prague, and an account of a dead spy (which they later backed away from).

To give her "report" some gravitas, her employer, Glenn Simpson, hired the known (and previously respected) ex-British spy and Russian expert, Christopher Steele. Nellie Ohr secretly communicated over her brand-new ham radio ... an old trick used by Russian spies. When the dossier was sufficiently salacious, it was passed to an ex-British diplomat, friend of Never-Trumper, John McCain, who sent his envoy to Steele in England but had to get the complete dossier from Simpson/Ohr in the U.S. Supposedly because Trump's egregious behavior could lead to Russian blackmail, the good Samaritan, Senator McCain, went to the unbiased James Comey. So then, with the FBI's backing, the dossier was leaked to the liberal media as actual news.

However, the TD Bank records (that Simpson fought to not be released) blow the whole farce apart. You see, they got the wrong Michael Cohen. Trump's lawyer was never in Prague (easily documented) so he is suing Christopher Steele and BuzzFeed for libel. And, in court, they will have to divulge how Glenn Simpson was a DOJ/FBI contractor to whom President Obama had illegally given NSA intercepts. To make matters worse (for the treasonous plotters) the NSA head (General Michael Rogers) discovered Obama's runaway "queries" and put a stop to them, but he kept the actual log. Rogers, the whistle blower, then went to Donald Trump to inform him that forces within the NSA were "wiretapping" Trump Tower. Unfortunately, for our nefarious past president, Trump moved his team to his New Jersey golf resort ... an internet address unavailable to the Russian plant (Simpson's Russian lawyer who got a special Obama visa and met with Simpson before and after her fake meeting with Donald Trump Jr.).

Nellie's husband, Bruce Ohr, was scheduled to be interviewed last week, but this had to be postponed because FISA Section 702 continuance had to be voted on first. President Trump and Devin Nunes deleted Obama's use of Section 702 (17) to "unmask" his enemies ... and the bill passed. This NSA data will now be used to document the weaponizing of Obama's DOJ/FBI and to prosecute the monstrously biased DOJ/FBI underlings who protected Hillary Clinton and then sought to overthrow an elected American president.

Of course, we wish our wonderful senator well as he tries to portray himself as the good guy in the impending Democratic party train wreck.

Reed lives in Moretown.