Profound disappointment

To my Vermont House and Senate representatives and senators:

I am writing to also express my profound disappointment, disillusionment and impatience with the lack of progress in funding clean water efforts in Vermont. I have been waiting with a good deal of hope that my representatives would help by being leaders and supporters of funding clean water for our state. That hope is still alive but is on life support!

In over 40 years as a member and volunteer for Trout Unlimited, I have contributed thousands of volunteer hours with one goal in mind: “cold, clean, fishable waters.” Vermont is a state that, as a whole, I believe shares that goal. I have never met anyone that wants more fouled, dirty, polluted and contaminated water. However, I certainly haven’t seen much in the way of passion or determination from the Vermont Legislature! I grew up in an era of excited, motivated and active environmentalists and conservationists. The excitement and reason was so strong for protecting the environment that even President Nixon could sign the Clean Water Act … proudly!

Are you going to be champions of funding the cleanup of Vermont waters, lakes and streams? At one time environmental quality and enthusiasm was a badge to wear proudly. Now it seems one runs from funding when a do-nothing governor declares, “No more taxes and fees.” I am asking you all as my representatives and senators to become these champions. We seem, rightly so in my opinion, to have found a voice for reason re: gun control and a passion for voicing an opinion and taking action. I am asking you to make clean water a cause with similar determination and focus.

In the months leading to an election, I plan to attend as many forums as I can to ask that those running support and take some leadership on this crucial issue. Vermont’s reputation, deservedly so, has been as a “green” state; however, our Green Mountain State also has now “green water.” Property values are falling, tourists change plans for visits and journalists from afar ask, what’s wrong in Vermont? For heaven’s sake if Vermont cannot create a funding stream for clean water is there any hope anywhere?

There are watershed groups and organizations like Friends of the Mad River and Trout Unlimited who contributed in Vermont last year over 13,000 hours volunteered toward “clean, cold fishable waters” and who stand ready to implement significant projects. We need money to do this work! We are ready! Where are our legislative champions? Find us the money to do this work!

Please take this lead.

Amadon lives in Moretown.

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