Diamond Dogs host the first and only bump competition in the East!

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The Diamond Dog Freestyle team competed at Sugarbush on January 6 up on the Organgrinder trail at Lincoln Peak. It was an amazing effort by the mountain operations staff as well as Doug Nolan and his coaching crew of course builders. Saturday was a soft spring conditions event that was shortened to one run due to the liquid snow that was falling and also the severe humidity [no R word]. The Diamond Dogs had a very strong showing despite the tough conditions.

In the girls' division, MacKenzie Boylan was 1st overall, Lindsay Mustard was 7th, Bess Martin was 13th, Lauren McDonough was 14th overall and Sophie Martin was 15th overall. Both MacKenzie and Sophie won gold in their age groups.

In the boys' division, Sam Greshin was 8th overall [gold in his age group] Jameson Ewing was 10th overall, Berkeley Stone was 26th overall, Cole Derrick was 36th overall and Hobey Weston was 38th overall.  

On Sunday, January 7, the course was rock hard and was shortened due to the icy conditions. There was another strong showing from the Diamond Dogs. The mountain crew and the events staff led by Laura Worthen were equally amazing getting in a two-day event.

In the girls' division, MacKenzie "Birthday Girl" Boylan was 1st overall, Lindsay Mustard was 4th overall, Bess Martin was 18th overall, Lauren McDonough was 22nd overall and Sophie was 23rd overall. Once again MacKenzie and Sophie won gold in their age group.

In the boys' division, Jameson Ewing was 3rd overall, Sam Greshin was 5th overall, Cole Derrick was 15th overall, Berkeley Stone was 17th overall and Hobey Weston was 23rd overall. Both Sam and Cole won gold in their age group.

The Diamond Dogs alumni are on the road looking for snow to compete on and have headed west. Samantha Boylan, competing for Carrabbassett Valley Academy, is on her way to Durango, Colorado, to compete in a Rocky Mountain Freestyle Event. She will be joined by Jenny Mustard who is attending University of Colorado. Ryan Ewing, Bennett Roukema and Tim Chamberlain of Killington Mountain School are headed to Squaw Valley and will compete in two events out west before returning to Vermont. They will be joined on the trip by former Diamond Dog coach Jonathon Smith who is a coach at KMS.