Crunchy gochujang fennel

I’ve smothered this tangy fennel on salmon, pork loin, chicken, rice, even our Easter ham … it rocks! These quantities will give you enough for leftovers, because you’ll want them. And it lasts for days in the fridge.

Remove the tough outer layer and core from two fennel bulbs and cut into quarter-inch-thick slices. Simmer for a couple of minutes in a pot of salted water and then transfer immediately to a bowl of ice water. Once cool, drain and pat dry with paper or cloth towels.

For the sauce, whisk together a three-inch piece of minced ginger, two minced garlic cloves, four tablespoons of gochujang paste, three tablespoons of rice vinegar, two tablespoons each of honey and sesame oil, a small handful of toasted sesame seeds and Sriracha sauce to taste.

Toss the fennel with the sauce and then salt to taste.