Brothy cabbage and beans

It’s all about what’s in your pantry when it comes to weeknight cooking – chicken stock, canned beans, onions and garlic are all must haves.

In a medium-size pot, saute a chopped onion until translucent and then add a quarter of a head of chopped up cabbage, half a minced jalapeno and a few pinches of salt and pepper. Leave over medium heat stirring occasionally. Once the cabbage is fully wilted, stir in a few sliced garlic cloves, a can or two of undrained black beans and a splash of water.

Bring to a quick boil and then immediately lower to a simmer. After 10 or so minutes, stir in some concentrated chicken stock to taste and a few squirts of ketchup to boost the flavor.

Continue to simmer until the rest of your dinner is ready to go. Salt and pepper to taste before serving.