By David Cohen

This is the best lunch I’ve had in a while ... definitely in a category of one that I didn’t want to end. And the best part of it all, I dug all the ingredients out of my fridge, pantry and freezer.

Plan ahead by pulling enough butter out of the fridge for as many pieces of toast that you’re planning on. Once it’s soft enough, use a fork to mash it together with some minced anchovies.

For those of you in the eight to 10 range on the anchovy-loving scale, I’d figure three fillets per slice. For the four to seven range, two fillets, and for those who are one to three on the scale, just one per slice. Any zeros at your table? Try half a fillet per slice, but don’t tell them what it is. Seriously, I use anchovy paste to punch up a lot of things and those anchovy deniers just gobble it up.

To finish this off, cut an unpeeled garlic clove in half and rub your hot toast with the exposed center of the clove – kind of like lightly greasing a pan – and then smear it with the anchovy butter and serve immediately.

I had it along with thinly sliced celery, shaved parmesan and lemon salad. Perfect!