By David Cohen

As far as a ranking of lockdown vegetables go, beets are high on my list. They’re tasty, easy to make, versatile and, most importantly, they last for weeks in the fridge.

I’m sure you’ve roasted, steamed, pickled or boiled them before, but have you ever eaten a beet raw? What could be easier, right? I’m not recommending eating a peeled beet like an apple, but thinly sliced in a salad is a great way to liven up the routine with color, crunch and flavor.

A ¼- to ½-inch-thick slice of a medium beet goes a long way. After peeling and cutting it into 1/16-inch strips, give them a quick rinse with cold water to minimize the bleeding if you want. I didn’t, as you can see. Then toss with your salad.

Wrap up the rest of the beet with plastic wrap and store it back in the fridge. Even cut it will be fine for days.