After the Vermont Primary Election on August 9, The Valley Reporter will no longer be accepting letters of endorsement for political candidates. While The Valley Reporter will not be making space for endorsements on its editorial pages, The Valley Reporter will continue to provide space for endorsements in the form of block advertising. For a tiered fee (see below), people can support their candidate in the paper, as well as with paid endorsement ads on the website and in the newsletter websites.

“We understand this is a departure from our previous policy. We feel it is important to keep our editorial pages open to discuss issues of the day. We appreciate your support for your local newspaper and your understanding, and we look forward to the upcoming election season,” said Pat Clark, co-owner and publisher of The Valley Reporter.

In terms of letters of endorsement for the primary, letters of 75 words or less will be accepted through July 18 for publication in the July 21 print issue. Letters received after that will run online or in the newspaper’s newsletter until July 26.

Tiered rates are as follows: 50 words or less, $15; 51-175 words, $50; 176-300 words, $75.



Endorsement ads will appear as Letters but in a box denoting an advertisement and not as regular copy.

Endorsement ad format will be set into a 2-column(4") wide boxed space and be as tall as necessary. The boxed format will allow for a 25 character title at 16pt. Times New Roman Bold and then text at 11 pt. Times New Roman regular.

Below is an example of a 50 word endorsement.

Candidates Endorsements 

To place your candidate endorsement please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.