The Circus is coming to town!

Circus Smirkus is coming to town to showcase its new acts revolving around the theme of Vaudeville, a throwback to live performers of the mid to early 1900s. The circus, brought to the community by the Waitsfield Children’s Center, will be coming to Waitsfield at Kenyon’s Field July 2 through 3.

There will be unique Vaudeville elements such as authentic posters and stylized decorations and costumes. Its looks more like 1920s-style costumes and glamour. Jugglers will use classic club styles, wooden tennis rackets, hats and even umbrellas to call back to an all-female juggling team from the era called the “Juggling Jewels.” There will be clown banter that ties the show together with a cohesive story about the importance of how Vaudeville is still alive today through the authentic spirit of the circus.

Performers range in age from 10 to 18 with 30 performers in all. High flying trapeze artists paired with tumbling fanatics will have the crowd cheering for more. Sky high human group pyramids will tower before the audience. The music for the event is limited to music of the original Vaudeville era. Longtime Smirkus composer Peter Bufano composed all scores to compliment the talent.

This will be the company’s 31st annual summer tour; the tour will feature 68 performances in a span of 52 days, traveling across five states in 17 towns across the northeastern U.S. In Waitsfield, there are two shows on each day, starting at 1 p.m. and later at 6 p.m.

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