Thanksgiving is a holiday typically celebrated with family, friends and food. It's a holiday that has its roots in celebrating the harvest and celebrating survival going into the winter months.

It's also a time to reflect on our blessings and all the munificence that the earth bestows on us. This year, let's be thankful for the food we have to eat, and the farmers and gardeners and cheesemakers who raise it and make it for us.

Let's give thanks to the people who care enough to grow our beef and our pork and our chicken. And let's be thankful that they care enough to raise those animals ethically.

Let's be thankful that we live in a state where the air is clean and our river is too. Let's be thankful that good people who care are working to make sure we improve the health of Lake Champlain and the state's other lakes.

Let's be thankful that we live in a community where good people of all faiths come together to make sure that any hungry family in need has a Thanksgiving turkey and everything else needed for the holiday meal.

Let's also be thankful in advance, and now, for the dedicated town employees who will rise as early as needed and leave their Thanksgiving tables to keep our roads plowed. And let's also give thanks to our plowing contractors and of course our firefighters and ambulance volunteers who will do the same.

On this Thanksgiving Day and weekend, let's be grateful that we live surrounded by such amazing natural beauty. Our mountains and valley and river are a blessing to us. Go outside and give thanks by playing in the snow.

But most of all, on this Thanksgiving Day, let's count our blessings and let's hold our loved ones and our friends a little tighter. All these other blessings don't amount to much without our people to share them with.

Give thanks for the people in your life.
Happy Thanksgiving.