While the staff of The Valley Reporter loves bringing local news, views and events to our readers every week, we really love making this annual dog issue!

When we reach out to readers asking them to share pictures and info about their canine companions, we hear such amazing things. When we talk about our dogs, we let our guard down a bit and speak from our hearts.

That’s what you did for us. We love the pride you have in your dogs and your unabashed love for them. We love the Waitsfield resident who came in to change his subscription address and told us about his rescued dog named Bailey who came with no training and still wouldn’t sit. We asked him to send a picture, but he demurred, only to return a minute later with Bailey who’d been in the car so we could meet him and take his picture.

We love the details you offered, such as the fact that Bates, a golden puppy is a damn good dog. Or that Cary Grant and Pippa are best friends. And that Colby would sell his soul for a carrot.

We’re tickled to read that 5-month-old Gilly’s favorite activity is herding the exercise ball and that she goes to work every day. A lot of you take your dogs to work every day and told us that.

 We know that Phoebe also gives great bear hugs and Jasper steals shoes and that Koa knows the sound of the peanut butter jar opening. And Millie never says no to a swim of any kind, including a mud puddle. Olive Oil licks everything, including the silverware in the dishwasher (let’s be truthful, folks; this happens in many homes).

These details and your willingness to share them reveal your deep love and acceptance of your dogs, foibles, bad habits and all. When you talk about your dogs, we can see that you indulge your dogs, hug your dogs, feed them carrots and all manner of treats, take them swimming, hiking, walking on the new boardwalk and soothe them when they are scared.

When you tell us about your dog that crossed the rainbow bridge, we appreciate you sharing your loss and your grief with us and we’re sorry you lost your beloved companion.

Thank you all for sharing.