This week, the Waitsfield Select Board appointed Jordan Gonda to fill a vacancy on the board until Town Meeting next March. The vacancy was created by Darryl Forrest resigning from the board as he and his wife prepare to move to Florida.

Gonda will serve through Town Meeting and has the option (as do other Waitsfield citizens) of running for the final two years of that three-year term. Gonda is a great pick for the board and the town is fortunate to have her serve.

Here’s what is particularly noteworthy about this week’s meeting where Gonda was one of five candidates interviewed by the board -- every one of the five candidates was incredibly and uniquely qualified and wanted to serve for all the right reasons.

Each of the five candidates talked about wanting to serve, about wanting to help solve the problem of affordable housing. They were aware of the link between recreation and tourism and child care and conservation. The candidates were financially savvy with skills in creating budgets and spreadsheets. They’re comfortable in leadership roles. They already serve on boards and committees, proving once again that if you want to get something done, ask a really busy person.

How lucky the town is to have five such qualified people want to serve on the select board. Many towns and many voters would love to have such a great slate of candidates. At a time when many people are overwhelmed by life in a pandemic, these folks were willing to put more on their plates.

Let’s hope the candidates who did not get appointed this week will a) continue to serve in their various roles in our community, b) consider running for the select board next March and c) inspire others to seek elected or appointed positions in their own towns.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out their letters of interest to the select board and the skill sets they bring. Read those here:

Scroll down to Page 7 where their materials start.

And then, watch their interviews on MRVTV here:

Thanks to all who threw their hats into the ring.