Experts differ on what peak foliage is and when it occurs and that’s okay. While peak foliage may well be in the eyes of the beholder -- it’s hard to argue that last weekend and this week are the pinnacle of autumnal splendor in our Valley and parts of Central Vermont.

From one end of The Valley to the other, Warren to Moretown and Duxbury, from Sugarbush to Mad River Glen, people were everywhere and they were outside luxuriating in sunshine and the brilliant reds, oranges and golds of October in Vermont.

Stellar weather, a three-day weekend, foliage chairlift rides at both alpine ski areas and a beer festival didn’t hurt either!

And, so far, this week is just getting better. It’s hard not to stare at the spectacle of the ridge that runs behind rk Miles and Shaw’s in Irasville while walking to the post office. It’s hard not to stare out our own windows in the early morning when the trees are luminous in the fog or in the late afternoon sun when they are aglow in the ambient light.

Many people avail themselves of the chance to take a foliage chairlift ride each year – this writer included. With friends, a hike from the Appalachian Gap to the top of Mad River starts that adventure, offering deep mossy greens while climbing with panoramic vistas revealed in tree breaks as the clouds lift.

After appropriate appreciation of the view from the top, the chairlift down promises a nice long glimpse into bowl of foliage in The Valley. This year it was a little hazy at the top and became clearer and more brilliant with the descent.

As in years past, we vow to take it in only with our eyes, but are unable to resist getting our phones (and proper cameras) out of our pockets to try to capture the scene -- with varied success. But sometimes there’s that rare shot that actually captures the magnificence of that views.

This year, Valley Reporter readers have been generous in sharing their foliage pictures with us. It’s indicative of just how stellar this year has been. Thanks to all readers who shared their photos.