Wow! Another holiday season is here and we’re still dealing with COVID-19. We’re not only still dealing with it, we’re dealing with a new, super contagious variant that apparently spreads like wildfire and may or may not have the potential to evade vaccines.



That’s not great news as we consider whether to gather with family and friends this weekend and next. It’s pretty frustrating to hear state officials urging everyone to get tested for COVID before and after gathering, despite the fact that there are simply not enough tests for everyone in the state who wants one to get one.

That much was made clear at this week’s press conference when Agency of Human Services Secretary Mike Smith reported that the state had 50,000 rapid antigen tests and 10,000 LAMP tests to be distributed on December 23 and December 30. There are over 600,000 Vermonters. That’s simply not enough. And to be fair – Vermont’s testing stats are pretty impressive – the best in the nation we’re told and testing has been an effective tool here. Until now.

We’ve been told repeatedly that Vermont will test its way out of the pandemic but that is going to require actually having the tests to do so. Reporters have been asking the Scott administration weekly about plans to provide ready access to all types of testing, PCR, LAMP, antigen, etc. The answers are not forthcoming.

Rather than urge people to get tests they can’t find or get tested at clinics that are full or try to schedule testing for after the holidays that doesn’t yet show up on the state website, it might be better to set realistic expectations for people and honestly address the issue of testing capacity limits.


We get it – nobody wants to cancel Christmas, but people need to understand that if they can’t get tested, they may or may not infect a vulnerable family member or friend if they gather. Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt about making their own decisions based on full and accurate information rather than pointlessly urging people to get tests that don’t exist.

This pandemic is not going anywhere soon, so we’re going to have to carry on. Enjoy the holiday lights and the snow and the return of daylight. Wash your hands, wear a mask and share your COVID tests if you have any!