As we celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friend this week, we, at The Valley Reporter are thankful for you, our readers, subscribers, advertisers and supporters.


Here is why:

We appreciate the trust you place in us to bring you local news and the stories about the people, places and events of the Mad River Valley.
We are thankful for the opportunity to record the history of our community. We love reporting the things that make our Valley awesome and we love reporting about the people who make it awesome.

When you share things with us, births, deaths, anniversaries, reunions, we are honored that you’re choosing us to share those life milestones with our community.

We’re thankful that we can shine the light of public scrutiny where it needs to be shone in our community and that we can provide context for things like zoning ordinances, budget decisions and select board candidates. We’re grateful that you rely on us to do so.

We are thankful when we run into you at the post office or hardware store or grocery store and you stop to tell us about something amazing that someone in our community is doing or something impactful that you feel needs some local news coverage. We’re all in this together and we appreciate your input.

We’re human, and we make mistakes and we appreciate it when you take the time to let us know so that we can correct the record. We want to hear from you when we make a mistake whether it’s spelling a name wrong or something more egregious.

We’re thrilled when you engage with each other through our letters to the editor/op ed sections and when you engage on social media and in answering our Valley Viewpoint question. When you engage with us in those ways, you’re not just engaging with us, but with each other, with the community. The more we can engage, thoughtfully and respectfully, the more connected we are – when we agree and when we don’t.

Happy Thanksgiving!