We’re not complaining too much about 2022. As years go, it was a good one for the most part. COVID has not disappeared and we’re still living with that.


Earlier this year we received the great news that our community had received the largest, single Vermont Outdoor Recreation Economic Collaborative grant in the state. This $408,000 grant will be used to connect Waitsfield Village to the trail networks in the Howe Block of Camel’s Hump State Forest and more.

It will result in a bridge over the Mill Brook, a pedestrian/bike access to downtown and also includes a component that requires our trail-blazers and users and planners to do so in a way that balances recreation with the environment. That’s a win-win all the way around.

In 2022 we got a new superintendent of schools, Dr. Mike Leichliter, who is very engaged and very available which is improving communication between schools, educators, parents, and the community.

We also learned that plans to advance The Valley’s first-ever dog park in Warren, have been approved and are advancing (donate here: https://www.patronicity.com/project/help_us_bring_a_dog_park_to_mad_river_valley#!/) We’re looking forward to having our four-legged friends meet new friends there next year when phase one is open.

We’re excited about the fact that real, solid work is being done to bring phased-in approaches to municipal wastewater to Waitsfield Village, Irasville and potentially some areas to the north and the south.

We’re happy to learn that the Waitsfield Ten subdivision is almost sold out and that as many as half of the houses will be under construction in 2023, and we’re similarly happy that a group of investors has purchased the Old Fairgrounds property in Waitsfield with the intention of conserving most of it while also working specifically with the town on housing opportunities.

We’re happy that people in Warren and beyond are asking that any plans to install a cellphone tower in the town are undertaken thoughtfully and reasonable. Hurray for citizen participation.

2023 is shaping up to be a good year for us in the Mad River Valley. Happy New Year to all!