October 5, 2006

Take time

Fall is fleeting and the day of peak foliage is amorphous. It may be next week. It may have been last Saturday. It might possibly have been this week on Monday when the sun broke through the clouds to shine on the ridge behind the Masonic Lodge in Waitsfield Village where a view from the top of Bridge Street was breathtaking.

Peak might be today. It could have been yesterday when, again in clouds, the scarlet burgundy red of the leaves drifting down along a dirt road in Fayston were worth slowing down to view.

Deceptively warm nights belie the approach of winter and it's tempting to believe this time of year will last longer than it does. It won't -- winter's march is inevitable.

But take time between toiling on the wood pile and finding the snow tires to ride the chairlift at either ski resort. Take time to walk on the dirt roads. Take time (and local traffic construction makes this easy) to slow down and admire the vistas.