With the Valentine's Day Blizzard of 2007 still winding down thanks are owed to the real sweethearts of the event - the people who plowed us out, towed us out and made themselves available to make sure most of us were safe.

The Herculean task of keeping the local and state roads plowed during a storm of this magnitude is hard to fathom.  The local road crews were on duty and plowing the roads before dawn on Wednesday and were likely to work around the clock - hopefully with some brief respite for food and/or rest.

The task of keeping the roads safe for those who have to drive during a major winter storm is a serious responsibility which is taken very seriously by those whose job it is.

The thanks need also be extended to local emergency service providers such as firefighters and members of the local ambulance service who are on duty 24/7 to respond should your chimney catch fire or you get hurt in a car accident during a winter storm regardless of the condition of the road.

And don't forget the people who plow driveways and private roads. They've also been working around the clock since the snow began to accumulate early on Wednesday morning.

Despite the blizzard, many people will still show up for work on Thursday morning; thank them as well if you're out buying coffee or gas or newspapers.

It is likely that this storm will leave over two feet of snow - or more - across the ski slopes and in The Valley. It provides a perfect setting for a spectacular Presidents Week next week.

Thanks again to all who have worked hard for the comfort and safety of the rest of us.