Once again the residents and visitors in the Mad River Valley responded to the annual call for Green Up Day as they have since 1970. This year's edition was last Saturday. The effort is sparked by Valley volunteer coordinators and similar people from all parts of Vermont and augmented by the huge amount of actual clean-up volunteers. 

This year the light green trash bags, after being filled with the trash and litter, were spotted in individual driveways and convenient drop-off spots along the highways and back roads waiting to be picked up by town road crews and other volunteers. The green dots at times looked like an artist's easel with the latest creation of a Valley artist hard at work with a new effort featuring the color green.  

Carol Groom was the coordinator for the Town of Warren. Harrison and Valerie Snapp shared the honors in Waitsfield, while Nils Shenholm did the work in Duxbury. In Moretown the coordinator was Mike Dimotsis and in Fayston the coordinating duties were performed by Nicole Mignault.

Green Up Day has now become an annual effort and tradition which has been copied by other states and cities and towns throughout the country. Not only does it contribute in a big way to the cleanliness of the individual communities, it goes a long way in showing the community spirit and pride of its citizens and visitors.

In The Valley similar efforts take place by the Friends of the Mad River, and the Valley Path Association and other groups throughout the year and in cooperation with Green Up Day.

All the volunteers and the groups deserve our thanks and congratulations for a job well done.