Thanksgiving is famously a holiday that is about breaking bread with family and friends and giving thanks for our blessings.

While giving thanks is the primary point of the day, the breaking of the bread and the food itself are certainly a highlight.

And the food here is fabulously good and amazingly local and plentiful. That is a blessing.

We are really lucky that we have access to so much good local food for this holiday and we’re really blessed that we have that access every day.

It is a great blessing to have so many dedicated food producers who are so passionate about growing and raising food for us.

We live in a community that fosters and supports small-scale farmers and food producers of many types.

We are lucky that so many hardworking farmers and food-makers want to provide us with food.

We are lucky to live in a community and state that prioritizes preserving prime ag lands so that we can continue to raise our food.

We have local cheese, local milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, berries, herbs, beer, wine, bread and soon local butter will be produced at the Bragg Farm in Fayston.

What could be better than butter?

It’s a blessing to live in a time when young people want to take a different path than the generation before them did. Occupy the fields and barns!

It’s exciting and inspiring to see so many small, diverse farms and food producers setting up shop and thriving.

That’s the blessing of this Thanksgiving – the food – and our access to it.