On this holiday that is about family, friends and food we're thankful that we live in a community where good local food abounds and where we can and do know our farmers. We're lucky that people care enough to try to get that clean local food into our schools and onto the shelves of the local food shelf.

Thankfully, the air here is clean and crisp. It's easy to complain about the cold of a Vermont winter but not the air. The air is what people write home about. We are lucky to live surrounded by the physical beauty of Vermont and lucky to live in a place where the air and water are clean.

Thankfully, we live in a place that knows the meaning of community. We know our neighbors. We can disagree and get angry with people in our community, but holding grudges is hard in a place this small and, in the end, we still have more in common than we don't.

Thankfully, The Valley is a place where active is the norm and sedentary is the exception. There's much to do here and many ways to play inside as well as outside – but especially outside. Hills and mountains add spice and challenge to every way you can play outside whether it's walking, running, biking, hiking, riding, etc.

We're always thankful for snow and gravity and the fun that happens when those things are combined. We're lucky to have had early snowfall with more in the forecast, Sugarbush open and Mad River Glen poised to do so along with our Nordic areas. (We're also thankful for good snow tires and urge everyone who comes here to have some!)

On this holiday that is about family, friends and food, we're thankful that the Valley Interfaith Council has gathered a Thanksgiving meal for our friends and neighbors who need one. Thanks to all those volunteers and to all who contributed to their effort.

Happy Thanksgiving!