Escarole and bean bruschetta

Bruschettas are a perfect summer snack, appetizer or light meal on a hot night, and the escarole I picked up at the farmers’ market made for a memorable treat that I was sorry to see end. Can’t wait to try it on a pizza.

To prep the escarole, remove the stem, cut the leaves into thirds and wash thoroughly. In a large pot, quickly saute five chopped garlic cloves and a generous pour of olive oil. Add a can of drained cannellini beans and 1/4 cup of chicken or veggie stock, and leave on medium-low heat. When the liquid is reduced by half, add a large pinch of red chili flakes, freshly ground pepper and the washed escarole.

Toss using some tongs or a spoon until the escarole is completely wilted, about five minutes. Stir in some grated parmesan cheese, salt to taste and serve over a grilled bread slice with a drizzle of your best olive oil and a little more cheese.