To The Editor:

As residents of the town of Moretown, we are hoping our select board will not rush to judgment on the issue of whether to move the library permanently into the Town Hall. While it is true the library would have more space and bathroom facilities and the Town Hall would have more use, there are serious considerations that should give us all pause.

One of the most important is cost. The cost of heat would increase as we would have to keep the building at a comfortable temperature at least five or six days per week. The cost of electricity would also increase due to the added use.

There is a concern that the Town Hall does not bring in enough income to sustain itself. If the library were to move into the hall, the possibility of gaining any income would be lost. Is the savings of not paying out on the library building enough to offset the amount that would be lost by any rentals and any money put into the Town Hall for the added costs for heat, electricity, furniture and other equipment needed for the library?

Relocating the library building to another site is also a possibility that might be explored. If bathroom facilities are a major concern, should the library remain in its current location it might be worthwhile to investigate alternative nonconventional toilet options.

The Town Hall is a beautiful, historic building that has the potential to host a variety of events. It needs to be promoted as a venue where such events could be held. A fee schedule should be put in place where everyone who uses the hall would pay an affordable base fee. The library would still have the opportunity to use the Town Hall for its programs and events as it does now.

We hope that there can be at least one or more warned meetings to discuss the proposed library move to the Town Hall so that all the town residents have a chance to voice their opinions at an open forum.

Denise Gabaree for

Friends of the Town Hall