To The Editor:

In regard to the recent MRV-FLO article on Page 21 of the November 21 issue of The Valley Reporter: My family has a mortgage on a small one-bedroom condo in Warren (our second home) and have been regular visitors for over 25 years. The people in this area have been wonderful and hospitable to my family for as long as I can remember.

I am not sure if I am for or against the concept/idea proposed by the MRV-FLO committee. What I am concerned about is the disproportionate and unfair way some people are asked to pay for this. Board member Kari Dolan noted, “The MRV-FLO proposal shows that local residents would pay about 12 percent of the funds raised by the local option tax with the remaining 88 percent coming from visitors, skiers and second-home owners. That’s an average of $2 per person per month.”

As a middle-class, second-home owner, I wonder what this might cost my family per month? This comes across as we should have this plan as long as somebody else is paying for it. I do not mind paying my fair share, but 88 percent is not a reasonable amount! Much like an unbalanced school tax, this is asking one group of people to shoulder an unreasonable tax burden. This attitude makes me wonder if my family would be better off moving and spending our money elsewhere.

Keith Baker

Canajoharie, NY